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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting in Winchester, Southampton and All Surrounding Areas

If a commercial, industrial or domestic property has old, peeling paint, it can make the building unattractive and uninviting. At JDC Painting & Property Services, we manage exterior painting to revitalise and refresh all types of buildings in Winchester, Southampton and the surrounding areas.

Our decorating contractors are happy for prospective clients to contact us with any questions about our professional decorating and painting services. Our comprehensive service covers all aspects of external painting, including:

  • Brickwork Painting

  • Walls

  • Fencing

  • Gates

  • Window Frames

  • Garage Doors

  • Guttering

  • Signs

  • Filler Walls

External Painting | The Process


Our professional painters begin all exterior painting jobs by providing the client with a quote, setting a time frame for the job and advising on the sections we will complete the job in.


Our decorating contractors then prepare the exterior surface area of the property in Southampton, Winchester or any of the surrounding areas and choose the appropriate paint. Our team can also use paint the client supplies if required.


Our team then applies the undercoat, primer and sealant coat if needed. As well as brickwork painting, we undertake the painting of render, window frames, garage doors and metal guttering. Our specialists can also paint display walls, signs, filler walls and outbuildings.

To ensure we have full control of the process and achieve a flawless finish, we use paint brushes rather than spray methods. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and precision, so clients can have peace of mind choosing our specialists for their projects.


We finish jobs by correctly disposing of all paint and clearing up any mess. Our team ensures every element has been finished to the highest standard and meets the client’s specifications.

JDC Painting & Property Services

Repair Work

The team at JDC Painting & Property Services can manage some small repairs to help return clients’ properties to top condition. Our professional painters can repair small sections of render and will notify clients of other issues we notice, such as damaged guttering.

With a wealth of knowledge gained over 20 years of experience, our decorating contractors accurately advise clients on all aspects of our exterior painting service. From refreshing older properties and improving aesthetic appeal to changing a business’ image or colour scheme, we have a solution for every client. We are available to discuss the types and colours of paints our team can use for jobs in Southampton, Winchester and the surrounding areas.

For decorating contractors managing exterior painting in Southampton, Winchester and all surrounding areas, please call JDC Painting & Property Services on 07493 200992 today.
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