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Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting in Winchester, Southampton and All Surrounding Areas

At JDC Painting & Property Services, we specialise in providing commercial painting services to clients in Winchester, Southampton and all surrounding areas. We offer a comprehensive painting service, covering all internal and external elements of commercial premises.

Prospective clients can view our gallery to see the seamless finish our commercial decorating contractors achieve. Our gallery also showcases the domestic painting and decorating we complete.

Professional Painting for All Commercial Premises

Our commercial painters provide services to enhance various commercial and industrial buildings. Some of the most popular types of buildings we paint include:

  • Hospitals

  • Schools

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Industrial Units

  • Factories

  • Offices

  • Care Homes

One of the notable clients we have completed commercial painting for is the NHS hospital in Southampton. We have a wide range of diverse clients across Winchester and all of the surrounding areas. Our specialists are happy for prospective clients to call us on 07493 200992 to discuss their upcoming projects.

JDC Painting & Property Services

Commercial Decorating Services

At JDC Painting & Property Services, we provide a full painting service using quality materials, brushes and rollers. We can use any paint desired to reflect each client’s business. Our professional painting service covers the inside of buildings and any required external features to revitalise the entire space and create a cohesive flow.



Our decorating contractors use a dust-collecting sanding machine before painting to create the perfect base without causing unnecessary mess. This allows us to easily paint the entire premises and achieve a smooth and seamless finish on all shapes and sizes of commercial buildings. We also lay down plastic to keep the premises in top condition by protecting it from any spills or splashes.

All Aspects

From the skirting boards, walls and doors to any specified external elements, we ensure an even and attractive finish. We use all types of paint to match the commercial space’s environment, including gloss painting.

Full Coverage

We price all commercial painting jobs in Southampton, Winchester and the surrounding areas accordingly. Our team can stay later if required, but typically we provide a completion date and finish all work within that time.

The experienced commercial painters at JDC Painting & Property Services are happy to advise clients on all aspects of our service, including the methods and materials we use as well as budgets and time frames. Our decorating contractors can answer any questions you have and help establish the best type of paint for your business.

For commercial painting and decorating services in Southampton, Winchester and all surrounding areas, please call JDC Painting & Property Services on 07493 200992 today.
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